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Combined Separator

This machine is used for sorting 0.4-16mm grain size magnetic minerals. On the basis of the magnetic separation feasibility, through a combination of design, it put distributed beneficiation processes into centralized beneficiation processes to significantly improve the efficiency and grade of ore beneficiation. PDF download Sales: +86-21-68763311


1. In minerals: used for magnetite, pyrrhotite, franklinite, hematite, magnetic hematite, titanium magnetite, siderite, chromite and other weakly magnetic minerals sorting.
2. Raw materials applications: used for the purification of kaolin, feldspar, quartz, zircon ore, etc and the separation of iron in all kinds of material with high granularity.
3. Recycling: mainly used to get valuable material in smelting slag .

Technical Data

Model Magnetic Cylinder( Roller) Size (Ф×L) Magnetic Cylinder ( Roller) Agnetic Induction GS Magnetic Cylinder ( Roller) Rotation Speed (r/min) Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (Kw) Grain Size (MM) Weight (Kg)
ZTLDST3G-10 Cylinder 1 400×1000 Cylinder 1 ≥7000 Cylinder 1 150 9~11 3 ≤3 1600
Roller 1 100×1000 Roller 2 ≥12000 Roller 2 200
Roller 2 100×1000 Roller 3 ≥12000 Roller 3 150 2.2 3~18
Roller 3 150×1000 Roller 3 ≥14000 Roller 3 100

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